Job: Webside Converter

Title Webside Converter
Categories Website Support
Terms of Employment Temporary
Salary TDB
Location Ottawa
Job Description

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Previous experience working in the Government of Canada web environment.
  • A minimum 12 (twelve) months experience publishing web content on the Interwoven Content Management System (CMS)
  • A minimum 12 (twelve) months experience developing and publishing web pages in adherence with  the GoC CLF 2.0 Guidelines
  • Demonstrated experience within the last 6 (six) months converting PDFs to be WCAG compliant.

Statement of Work:

1)     Coordination of Advertising Campaigns for DFAIT in Canada and in Canadian missions abroad

·         Write advertising proposals for GoC advertising campaigns

·         Write media plans for GoC advertising campaigns

·         Provide advice to clients on their advertising needs

·         Develop production schedules and critical paths for campaigns

·         Work with designers to prepare public notices

·         Develop and update yearly advertising plans for the department

·         Enter information in  ADMis

·         Write evaluation reports

·         Update and maintain the on-line advertising tools (BCD Intranet site)

2)      Publishing

·         Provide advice on publications and promotional tools to clients

·         Coordinate publishing production with designers and clients

·         Advise on FIP and OLA guidelines

·         Manage the Publishing In-box

·         Provide costs estimates

·         Develop production schedules and critical paths

3)      Application of the Federal Identity Program

·         Provide communications and publishing advice and interpretation to clients on all regulatory aspects of  publishing requirements (Federal Identity Program, Coat of Arms, corporate signatures, visual identity(ies), copyright, etc.) for use in Canada and internationally

·         Manage the Publishing In-box

·         Update and maintain the on-line publishing tools



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