Job: Geomatics Technician (Government)

Title Geomatics Technician (Government)
Categories Other
Terms of Employment Temp-Full time
Salary 20.00
Location Gatineau
Job Description


Through the Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators (CESI) initiative, wetlands are currently being integrated as a component of ecosystem indicators. CESI mandated the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS/EC) to develop and implement the wetlands indicator. Based on the Ramsar Convention and the 2010 BIP, three indicators were selected to report on progress toward wetland conservation under CESI, as follows: 1) Status and trends in wetland ecosystems extent, 2) Trends in conservation status of wetlands and, 3) Trends in management effectiveness in Ramsar sites. The phase 1 (2010–2011) consisted in establishing a reference base to measure the status of wetlands based on existing datasets.  The wetland database was produced by the combination of geospatial databases on wetlands and land cover. Data sources have been translated according to a data model (adapted from the Canadian wetland inventory – CWI, phase 1). Subsequently, a process of verifying and correcting geometric errors was applied.  A quality control of the databases was conducted to document the margin of error and to verify if the wetland categories could be reclassified.  Finally, the data were combined using an arbitrary prioritization.  Next steps are to recover and integrate new geospatial databases and automate the process of integrating databases into the wetlands geodatabase.



1)       Assists in gathering existing information on wetlands in Canada.

2)       Provides technical support and assistance related to ongoing implementation of projects and initiatives related to wetland indicators:

  1. Prepare and clean geospatial datasets
  2. Translate Geospatial data into a data model
  3. Integrate geospatial datasets into an existing geodatabase
  4. Define decision rules and procedure for polygons dissolving and merging
  5. Perform quality control of datasets
  6. Prepare and update datasets documentation
  7. Calculate statistics




  • Certificate, diploma, or degree in a specific relevant discipline from a post secondary Canadian institution or an acceptable combination of education, training and experience may be required


Minimum of three (3) years of experience is required:

  1. In the creation and management of geodatabases (ArcGis – ESRI)
  2. In the verification of the topology, data preparation and cleaning using ArcGis software tools and quality control of data source and final product;
  3. In the metadata documentation using the FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) standard and the calculation of statistics from databases for documenting reports.
  4. Knowledge of wetlands will be considered an asset
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